Investments, Trade, and Industry Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Miano has been appointed to spearhead a team tasked with formulating a comprehensive business reforms action plan.

The decision was reached during a Cabinet meeting held yesterday, Wednesday 13th December 2023 at State House Nairobi, where the primary aim was to introduce substantial legal and regulatory changes in Kenya, ultimately reducing operational costs for businesses.

Expressing her enthusiasm for the initiative, Miano stated, “I am honored to lead this initiative aimed at driving legal and regulatory reforms that will substantially reduce the cost of doing business in Kenya and foster a more conducive environment for investment and economic growth.”

The Miano-led team will work closely with various ministries and departments with a business-oriented mandate to strategically implement these reforms, aiming to enhance the business landscape in Kenya.

In the same meeting, President William Ruto directed the Ministry of Energy to address the issue of frequent power outages, acknowledging their detrimental impact on Kenya’s investment profile and the general public.

As a result, the Cabinet resolved to unbundle the transmission line system, separating power generation, transmission, and distribution to prevent widespread blackouts and improve the reliability of the power supply across the country.

This move comes in the wake of three major power outages, prompting plans to overhaul the power lines in affected areas to mitigate the issue.

The appointment of CS Rebecca Miano and the proactive measures taken to address power outages signify a significant step towards creating a more favorable environment for business and investment in Kenya.