PS Kello Harsama met with a delegation from Sri Lanka, led by the ambassador, Amb. Kana V Kananthan, where the delegation conveyed their intentions to manufacture organic fertilizers from the city’s waste, with an estimated annual volume of 120,000 tonnes.

These fertilizers will be packaged and sold as organic fertilizers.

Their ambitious plan includes establishing factories in Nairobi, Nakuru, and Eldoret with the aim of sourcing waste from households. This initiative not only promises to enhance the quality of food produced through the use of organic fertilizers but also contributes to the crucial task of urban cleanliness.

This is a project that will have significant positive impacts on the country’s cities and agricultural production.

Establishing factories in the major cities and town in the country will create numerous employment opportunities directly and indirectly. This will greatly improve the lives of many Kenyans. Increase in revenue for the country will positively impact these towns. Improvement of infrastructure is also widely noted when factories and industries increase in towns.

This project will also increase the accessibility of fertilizers to farmers in the country, thereby decreasing the costs of production and increasing yields for farmers. Agriculture is a key pillar of the Kenya Kwanza government’s BETA agenda.

Cities and towns around the country will also benefit greatly from this projects.  During the rainy seasons drainage challenges engulf many towns due to waste clogging. This project will aid in the reduction of such challenges, going a long way to improving the aesthetics of our country’s towns.