The recent inspection of the ongoing construction of Thwake Dam in Makueni has brought great promise and hope to the people of the Makueni. Thwake Dam will serve to improve the lives of Kenyans through various ways.

  1. Access to Safe and Clean Water.

In alignment to the Kenya Kwanza goals of providing Kenyans with basic needs at the grassroots, Thwake Dam will provide residents in the region with clean water. This will be of profound impact the citizens of Makueni who currently continue to face acute water shortages.

  • Irrigation

Thwake Dam will enable irrigation for farmlands, even during dry seasons. This means farmers can grow crops throughout the year, increasing food production and income. Agriculture is a key pillar in the Kenya Kwanza’s BETA Plan.

  • Generation of Electricity.

Thwake Dam will also be a source of hydro-electricity. This means it will generate electricity to power homes and businesses in the region. Reliable electricity access can lead to economic growth and better living standards. President Ruto has made a commitment to ensure the country’s green energy usage also increases and this will be a step closer to green energy goal.

  • Flood Control.

The dam will help control flooding during heavy rains, reducing the risk of damage to homes and farmlands. This will enhance the safety and security of the local communities