The Ministry of Interior has pledged to expedite the full implementation of the Public Benefits Organizations (PBO) Act, a crucial step towards enhancing transparency and regulation within the civil society sector.

Addressing stakeholders at the closing of a three-day consultative forum on PBO Act Implementation in Elementaita, Interior Principal Secretary Raymond Omollo emphasized the vital role of PBOs in supporting the government’s economic transformation agenda.

Omollo stated, “The success of the government’s economic goals hinges on the collaboration of various stakeholders, including PBOs.”

The Act, which came into effect on May 14, establishes a structured framework for the registration and oversight of civil society organizations, promoting transparency and accountability in the sector.

Public Benefit Organizations Regulatory Authority Chairperson, Mwambu Mabongah, reaffirmed the commitment to inclusivity in the implementation process, urging active participation from all stakeholders.

CEO Mutuma Nkanata highlighted the collaborative spirit that shaped the Act’s development, stressing the importance of continued cooperation during its implementation.

The Ministry of Interior is set to provide crucial support to ensure the Act’s successful execution, urging all agencies to align with their mandates for a seamless implementation process.