Interior CS Kithure Kindiki has announced that the government has commenced fencing and tree planting on the reclaimed riparian land along the Nairobi River Corridors.

During an inspection of the rehabilitation efforts, Kindiki emphasized, “The reclamation and regeneration of the riparian corridor ecosystem are vital in preventing re-encroachment.”

Employing local Community-Based Organisations (CBOs) and youth groups for the restoration work, Kindiki highlighted the plan to unclog and rejuvenate the Nairobi Rivers alongside establishing recreational facilities for public use.

The Interior CS underscored the project’s broader impacts, stating, “Reclaiming the Nairobi Rivers Ecosystem will not only bolster security for nearby communities but also eradicate illicit activities like alcohol brewing and drug peddling.”

This critical initiative follows recent government directives urging residents along watercourses, including Nairobi River, to vacate areas prone to flooding. With increasing environmental challenges, the government is taking proactive steps to enhance public safety and ecosystem resilience.