President William Ruto today Monday May 5, 2024 made a compassionate pledge, promising a Ksh10,000 stipend from the National Government to households evacuated due to the ongoing floods, ensuring temporary relief for affected families.

During a visit to Mathare, Nairobi, President Ruto emphasized the importance of supporting those displaced by the floods, stating, “Every household will receive Ksh10,000 to look for alternative housing waiting for government intervention.”

Highlighting the government’s commitment to transparency, Ruto assured the public that measures were in place to prevent any misappropriation of the funds, declaring, “We have a list of those who were evacuated; we will give them money for 3-month rent as the Government looks for another alternative.”

President Ruto also addressed the long-term solutions to the flooding issue, announcing plans to plant trees in Mathare and other riparian lands while initiating a project to build 5,000 affordable houses in the area. He underscored the priority given to evacuated Kenyans in occupying these houses once completed.

Ruto commended the residents of Mathare for their cooperation in the evacuation process, acknowledging their proactive response that saved numerous lives in the face of the natural disaster.