President William Ruto now says that Kenya is committed to building on cooperation with both Somalia and South Sudan.

According to Ruto, the cooperation will be based on matters of mutual interest between the three nations.

“Kenya is committed to enhancing cooperation with Somalia and South Sudan on matters of mutual interest,” he said.

He spoke after a meeting with Somalia Foreign Minister Ali Mohamed Omar and South Sudan special envoys General Akol Koor Kuc and General Simon Makuac Yen, at State  House, Nairobi.

President Ruto insisted that such cooperation aims to secure the region, which has been facing various challenges in terms of conflicts and extremism.

He said this way, the region will be stable, and this will see trade opportunities expand for all countries.

“Our goal is to expand trade, secure the stability and prosperity of East Africa by working together to combat terrorism, resolve conflicts and build a durable peace across our region.”