President William Ruto on Monday 15th January 20224 engaged in high-level discussions with the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), William Burns, at State House in Nairobi.

During the meeting, President Ruto emphasized the importance of collaboration in addressing global security challenges, stating, “Kenya values its partnership with the United States in matters of national security, and we are committed to working together to combat emerging threats.”

In response, CIA Director Burns expressed his appreciation for the strong ties between the two nations, stating, “The United States values Kenya as a key ally in the fight against terrorism and other security issues. Our continued cooperation is vital in ensuring the safety and stability of the region.”

The meeting was also attended by US Ambassador to Kenya Meg Whitman and National Intelligence Service (NIS) Director General Noordin Haji, underscoring the significance of the discussions.

The CIA, established in 1947, plays a critical role in collecting intelligence through various means, and its responsibilities include evaluating intelligence related to national security and coordinating the collection of national intelligence outside the United States through human sources.