Cabinet has approved the Policy on Recognition of Prior Learning. This policy is set to revolutionize the accessibility of certification for skilled jobless Kenyans who lack formal education certificates.

According to President Ruto, this policy aims to recognize the invaluable life and work experiences that individuals have gained while working in the informal sector. He stated, “The prior learning policy is the bridge to facilitate the transition from informality to formality as well as facilitating multi-entry/exit between the education system and the labor market.”

This policy will provide a pathway for individuals to apply for certification without the necessity of traditional schooling.

It is anticipated to unlock a plethora of new job and employment opportunities for the millions of Kenyans who are vital to the nation’s economy. President Ruto emphasized, “This seminal move is anticipated to open up a bountiful frontier of new opportunities for the millions of hustlers who are the lifeblood of the Kenyan economy.”

Under the new policy, individuals will be able to apply for certification with the assistance of facilitators. The application process will involve providing various documentation, including evidence of work in the informal sector, letters of recommendation, samples of work, videos or photographs of activities, and skills logbooks. Certificates issued in seminars and testimonials from previous employers can also be submitted.

The Policy on Recognition of Prior Learning is expected to address the current limitations of the formal education system in Kenya, which has not been equipped to recognize skills acquired through non-formal and informal learning.

This move is seen as a significant step towards harnessing and utilizing the human capital of the nation. President Ruto added, “Learning is an individual’s life in Kenya and most developing countries, is majorly through non-formal and informal means, whether at work, at home, or elsewhere.” This policy is a game-changer that will provide a much-needed opportunity for the advancement and recognition of skills acquired through non-traditional means.