The Cabinet Secretary for Youth Affairs, Creative Economy and Sports Hon Ababu Namwamba paid a visit to 20 year old Milka Shikokoti Menjo at her Cherondo home in Tinderet, Nandi County.

Milka rose to the limelight after being captured running shirtless at the Tindiret Barng’etunyi Mountain Run early this year.

Inspired by her zeal, CS Ababu borrowed from Milka’s handbook, and displayed great determination in braving the chilly weather and the rugged terrain to make his way to the budding athlete’s home.

Hosted by the Area MP Hon. Julius Melly, the CS said that he was inspired by Milka’s zeal and determination to conquer the 15 kilometer mountain course running bare feet and with no proper athlete kits.

The CS gifted Milka and her husband a full training kits complete with Sports shoes on top of 200,00shillings in cash as well groceries shopping.

 “Milka’s display was a true demonstration of resilience and determination from a young Kenyan determined to earn a living. Na kea vile alijituma nasi pia tumeona tumshike mkono.”

Cs Ababu committed that the Government through his Ministry would continue to support the Barngetunyi mountain run that gave Milka a platform to showcase her talents.

“We supported the mountain run and it was an incredible marathon.

We have decided to turn this run into an international Marathon because it is a unique and special marathon.”

Additionally, CS Ababu affirmed the Government’s deliberate, intentional and structured plan to support all talented, outgoing and dedicated youth.

“The Kenya Kwanza Government has brought new things that have never been seen before and one of those new things is Talanta Hela that has brought Pesa Mfukoni to our talented youth.”

 Area MP Hon. Julius Melly echoed the CS’s sentiments on the impact of sports on talented Kenyans, lauding the ministry for the revolutionary Talanta Hela initiative which he said had brought Pesa Mfukoni to those in the grassroots

“We want to thank you for the support you offered us for the Mountain Run and we have seen the impact of Talanta Hela Mashinani,” he said.

The MP added: “Milka is indeed a testament that hard work is rewarded, and we have seen today that the Government is ready to come to the grassroots to support you if you show courage, determination and hardworking.”