The Ministry of Interior has announced significant changes to the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system following a directive from President William Ruto to facilitate visa-free visits to Kenya. The updates aim to streamline the visa application process and enhance security measures for visitors.

Interior Principal Secretary, Julius Bitok, emphasized the importance of the changes, stating, “With the introduction of the ETA, we now have comprehensive data on all visitors, significantly improving our ability to ensure the safety and well-being of both our visitors and citizens.”

The four key changes include a reduction in fees for all travelers to Kenya, with the fee dropping from Ksh7,756 ($50) to just Ksh4,653 ($30). Additionally, advanced data will be collected from all travelers to safeguard Kenya’s security and other strategic interests.

Bitok also highlighted the expedited application process, noting, “The ETA reduces the application wait time from 14 days for visas to just 72 hours, and the Ministry will introduce a 24-hour service desk dedicated to ETA to guarantee a seamless experience.”

These updates come after the government postponed President Ruto’s directive on visa-free entries to Kenya earlier this year. However, the first batch of Visa-free foreigners has already arrived in Kenya, four days after the program was scheduled to start.

The changes represent a significant shift in the visa application process for Kenya, with the government aiming to ensure a more efficient and secure experience for all visitors.