The government has launched a digitized National Skills Inventory as a major leap in the modernization of skills management for workforce within the country.

The initiative seeks to consolidate and synchronize skills supply data from both public as well private sectors. This will help in addressing the previous challenges of isolation and olden information.

The proposed database hosted on the National Employment Authority Integrated Management System (NEAIMS) would allow effective data mining to provide insights into country’s skills supply and demand. Mwadime said, “It will also assist in the analysis of supply and demand for skills towards identifying skill shortages in Kenya.”

Mwadime affirmed that the initiative shows government’s commitment to promoting provisions of youth employment in country; “The database can be accessed from Ministry of Labour and Social Protection website taking applicants through all-encompassing form for skill registration”.

Public and private employers are required to file their AER by February 16, 2024. Mwadime stressed, “This submission will add to the skills employed workforce data.”

Moreover, the government has launched a pilot scheme in Nakuru and Mombasa calling unemployed youth to register their skills. This initiative is set to be carried out in other counties as from January 30, 2024. This inventory is being populated using the State Department of Internal Security and National Administration in counties.

The initiative seeks to address issues relating to unemployment, with the government’s commitment in youth employment and need for centralizing and streamlining skills supply data. This is a major breakthrough towards the advancement of workforce skills management in the country.