PS State Department for Broadcasting and Telecommunications, Prof Edward Kisiang’ani earlier today held a consultative meeting with the President of the Kenya Editors’ Guild (KEG) Ms. Zubeida Kananu.

Ms. Zubeida who was accompanied by Mr. Eric Oduor Secretaty-General, Kenya Union of Journalists (KUJ), Ms. Teopista Nabusoba Council Member and Ms. Rosalia Omungo, CEO KEG.

In her opening remarks, Ms. Kananu informed the PS of the media fraternity’s concern on the current financial constraints due to the lack of continued public advertising. The Media fraternity decried of the loss of revenue.

While welcoming the delegation to the Ministry, PS Kisiang’ani informed them that the contract for running of MyGov was awarded legally, after public procurement processes were followed to the letter. All reputable Media Houses and other government Agencies participated in the tendering process, with the winner being awarded after satisfying all the tender qualifications.

He stated that the Ministry is committed to pay all the pending/outstanding media bills.

The PS indicated that the previous obtaining arrangements were not only lopsided, but also untenable and unsustainable for the government.

“The Ministry didn’t favor and award the MyGov contract discriminately to Convergence Media House, but did so fairly after due process was followed,” said PS.

The Ministry has released 199 million shillings to Media Houses for FY 2022/2023 and has sought more funds from Treasury to pay the remaining bills.

 “We have no intention to gag the media, and will peruse the recommendations from Sector Working Group (SWG), which has media representation, with a view of implementing the same, so as to improve the whole communication sector,” stated PS Kisiang’ani.

The PS was accompanied by Mr. Mulei Muia, Director of Public Communications, Mr. Michael Okidi, Acting director, Government Advertising Agency and Mr. Kimani Waweru, Director of Administration, State Department for Broadcasting and Telecommunications.