Ministry of Trade Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Miano on Tuesday encouraged the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) to uphold values of integrity and good governance in order to revolutionize the quality and standards of goods globally.

The shift marks a significant turning point for KEBS, positioning it at the forefront of setting international benchmarks in safety, quality, and efficiency.

“I call upon you to be the role model of all standards; standards of dedication, honesty, teamwork, excellence and behavior. It is possible to enjoy your career without ever having a file with any disciplinary issue or without interacting with people from far away,” said Miano.

Peter Munyiri, the outgoing National Standards Council chairman, also emphasized that KEBS embodies more than a mere regulatory entity, symbolizing trust and excellence.

“We are the people who have safeguarded this institution because if KEBS slept on its job, all manner of toxic things would be passing through the borders and the ports,” said the recently appointed ambassador to New Delhi, India.

Esther Ngari, KEBS Managing Director, likewise asserted that the Bureau’s efforts in setting standards have been instrumental in positioning Kenya as a competitive player in international trade while ensuring the safety and quality of products for Kenyans.