Kenya is set to host the 41st IASP World Conference on Science Parks and Areas of Innovation, IASP 2024, at the cutting-edge Konza Technopolis.

This marks the first time in the event’s 41-year history that Kenya will host the conference. The conference, scheduled for September 24 to 27, 2024, will bring together global experts to discuss the impact of changing demographics on entrepreneurship and technology, and to explore solutions for pressing global challenges.

IASP Global President, Ebba Lund, emphasized the significance of the event, stating, “We invite you to support the conference by way of sponsorship under different categories in kind and financially. Submit papers for presentation at the conference and publishing, nominate their spaces for consideration for IASP technical and cultural visits and mobilise delegates to attend the conference.”

During a high-level meeting by the Ministry of ICT and Digital Economy and Konza Technopolis, key government officials and industry leaders gathered to discuss the event. The conference theme, “Demographics, Entrepreneurship and Technology: Defining the Frontiers of Future Economies,” aims to address the rapidly shifting demographics due to technological advancements and climate action.

The conference will be a platform for Kenya to showcase its commitment to technology and innovation. CEO of Kenya Space Agency, Hillary Kipkosgey, highlighted the importance of the event, stating, “The conference will play a key role in promoting entrepreneurship, job creation, and economic growth, particularly in light of Africa’s significant demographic changes in the coming years.”

The conference will also focus on key areas of interest for Kenya, including technology and innovation delivery services, the coordination of technology, innovation, and commercialization, and STEM programs. Konza Technopolis will have the opportunity to demonstrate its crucial role in driving Africa’s digital transformation.