This morning, Labour and Skills Development Principal Secretary, Shadrack Mwadime, held a meeting with over 500 Private Employment Agencies at the Kenya School of TVET in Nairobi.

The event, organized by the National Employment Agency (NEA), focused on various topics including emerging issues, challenges, opportunities, and solutions related to the agencies’ work.

During the meeting, Mr. Mwadime expressed his gratitude to the agencies for providing job opportunities through their connections to overseas employment.

He also addressed any suspicions or concerns about his personal interest in their work, assuring them that he is their leader and not a competitor. He encouraged them to work without fear or intimidation and emphasized the importance of transparency.

The private recruiting agencies raised several challenges, such as delayed license renewals, a non-conducive working environment, lack of market opportunities, and delayed passport processing.

In response, the Principal Secretary assured them of forthcoming changes and a more favorable work environment.

Additionally, the State Department, through the Director General of the National Employment Agency, Madam Okoki, announced plans to establish a one-stop shop at the headquarters.

This initiative aims to reduce the time agents spend processing travel documents for their customers and is scheduled to launch in two weeks’ time.

The Principal Secretary was accompanied by Madam Edith Okoki, the Director General of the National Employment Agency, Madam Theresa Wasike, the Acting Director General of the National Industrial Training Agency, and Honorable Isack Mwaura, the government’s spokesperson among others.