Cabinet Secretary Hon. Florence Bore at the end of this past week had a meeting with Semi-Autonomous Government Agencies under the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection ; The National Council for Children’s Service (NCCS) , The National Council for Persons with Disabilities, (NCPWD),The Child Welfare Society of Kenya,(CWS).

The CS led the preview of the achievements made in the last six months as well as the progress of ongoing programs.

Hon. Bore expressed satisfaction to note that the NCPWD has ranked as high achiever by the Public Service Commission. The council reported on their impressive efforts in Cash transfer, ensuring that children with disabilities get adequate education, training, medical care and treatment free of charge.

Kenyans with a medical disability report can and should register on the e-citizen platform, Hon. Bore stated.

In the past few months CWSK and NCCS have diligently been hard at work to better protect and nurture the Kenyan children.

CS Bore was glad to note that a good number of the targets were achieved even with resource gaps as we discussed ways of overcoming the current challenges.

“I appreciate the development partners to the three SAGAs that have augmented our resource gaps”, remarked Hon. Bore.

So far, the NICHE program has achieved significant milestones in terms of training County Health Care Workers, Community Health Promoters, and delivering counseling and top-ups to the beneficiaries.

A total of 34,743 beneficiaries have received top-ups and nutrition counseling since the program’s initiation.

The commitment of the Government of Kenya, led by His Excellency President William Ruto, is evident in scaling up Inua Jamii beneficiaries to 2.5 million in the next three years.

This financial year, over 600,000 potential beneficiaries across Older Persons, Orphans and Vulnerable Children, and Persons with Severe Disability have been registered.

Cash disbursements began in July 2023, with NICHE expanding in numbers due to the scale-up.