In the earlier months of 2023, the National Government expressed an interest in reviving fluorspar mining the Elgeyo Marakwet County. The looming revival marks a significant milestone in Kenya’s push towards branding herself as a mining powerhouse.

Fluorspar is used to make steel, aluminum, refrigeration gases and glass fibre.

With this revival of a critical economic activity, the country should expect a significant number of job opportunities especially for the Kenyan youth. Unemployment continues to be a thorn in the flesh of the country, a persistent problem that H.E President Ruto has sworn to solve.

It is expected that about 2,000 jobs will be created by this revival.

The Ministry of Mining earlier last year invited investors to tender their interests’ to establish and re-start mine operations at the Fluorspar Mine located in Kimwarer, Elgeiyo Marakwet. This will lead to an injection of over 3 Billion shillings in capital injection.

In a meeting chaired by the PS for Mining on Monday, it was revealed that an investor had committed to inject almost four billion shillings into the project within the first one year of operation and continuously in following years and ensure resumption of production within 9 months.

This is a major achievement towards the government’s goal to spur investments in the mining sector.

The investor will sponsor locals training on mining field, source local goods and services and support community projects with 2.5% of gross mining revenue. They’ll inject much-need capital in the area spurring multiplier growth and triggering rapid transformation in the region.

The upcoming revival of fluorspar mining in the region will also empower the community as well as open the county to more development

Jobs creation, improved standard of living and revenue generation remain priority areas for Kenya Kwanza government.