Mr. Shadrack Mwadime, the Principal Secretary for Labour and Skills Development, had a meeting with the newly established association of Health Care Professionals’ Recruiters in Kenya.

The association, led by Chairperson Eliud Chelanga, paid a courtesy visit to Mr. Mwadime at his office in the Social Protection House.

During the meeting, the group discussed various matters, including the abundant job opportunities available for Kenyans in European countries. They highlighted that there are currently around 60,000 job vacancies in Canada alone, and the meeting focused on how Kenya can get a share of these job opportunities.

The group’s director, Mr. Humphrey Davidson, emphasized that the main obstacle for Kenyans in accessing these job opportunities is the delay in obtaining visas, which they find to be unrealistic.

In response, PS Mwadime assured the group of the government’s support and his personal commitment as the Labour Principal Secretary to remove any barriers that hinder youth employment.

He acknowledged that Kenyans possess valuable qualities such as proficient English language skills and strong work ethics, which make them highly regarded employees wherever they work.

“We need to safeguard our image as early as we can”, said PS Mwadime, stressing the importance of safeguarding Kenya’s reputation and encouraged those working abroad to represent the country well, thereby promoting the Kenyan labour market as a reputable brand.

Furthermore, the Principal Secretary welcomed the association to approach him for any assistance they may require within his capacity, as he operates an open-door policy.

This leadership approach enables him to gain a clear understanding of the ground realities and address them effectively.