In the his capacity of chair for the Border Control and Coordination Operations Committee (BCOCC), Principal Secretary Raymond Omollo to day had the privilege to mark a milestone in Kenya’s border security and operations through the launch of the Border Security and Control Curriculum at the Kenya School of Government (KSG) Lower Kabete, Nairobi.

The groundbreaking Border and Control Curriculum is designed to train border security agencies in cutting-edge techniques, including Advance Passenger Screening, that will ensure heightened security as we introduce a visa-free regime.

The Ministry of Interior has expressed its readiness in ushering of a new era of seamless travel and robust border management.

The PS emphasized that the newly introduced curriculum is a crucial step in empowering front-line officers to bolster their skills in detecting smuggling activities across various terrains, land, air, and sea.

According to PS Omollo, the curriculum aims to equip officers with knowledge to safeguard national interests, particularly against threats such as insecurity while also bolstering the nation’s defenses besides streamlining collaboration among various security agencies.

The latest development follows the recent launch of a strategic plan by the Border Control and Coordination Operations Committee (BCOCC) in September which is designed to lay a robust foundation for the BCOCC’s contribution to positioning Kenya as a prosperous and competitive economy on the global stage.

The BCOCC’s strategic plan encompasses a strong emphasis on authentic trade and the seamless movement of people and goods and collaborations with all stakeholders both local and regional.