Pastor Dorcas Rigathi completed her three-day visit to Embu County by visiting the Tenri Vocational Training Centre.

She encouraged the kids by stating that the abilities they are acquiring are what is necessary.

During the visit on Thursday 18th January 2024, she toured the facilities and addressed the pupils.

“As I toured your institution, I would have done a pedicure if I had the time. Our President is emphasizing the technical skills among our young people because the white collar jobs are not there but the market is ripe with jobs for those with technical skills,” she said.

Accompanied by high-profile officials including Embu Governor Cecily Mbarire, Deputy Governor Justus Mugo, and other political leaders, Pastor Dorcas stressed the need to dignify the boy child and warned against alcohol and drug abuse.

“We have decided to end your visit in Embu County at this institution where our young people are being tooled with the necessary skills, and they can be able to earn a living for themselves without waiting for somebody to bring them a job at the doorstep,” Governor Mbarire said.

Pastor Dorcas has visited several other TVETs in Kenya as part of her initiative to strengthen partnerships between TVET institutions and organizations to support the skilling and rehabilitation of individuals, with a focus on technical skills. This visit marks a significant step in the effort to promote technical skills and empower the youth for the future of Kenya.