President William Ruto has called for regional peace during Italy-Africa Summit held in Rome.

In a statement issued yesterday, Monday evening 29th January 2024, Ruto highlighted his discussions with European Council President Charles Mitchel, focusing on conflict resolution in the region.

“We came to an accord that we have a chance of working as one in dealing with regional conflicts such as Sudan, Congo and Somalia,” President Ruto said, adding that Kenya has been leading conflict-resolution initiatives.

The summit, opened by Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, unveiled a major plan aimed at boosting development in Africa. Meloni expressed her hopes that this plan would contain migrant arrivals and strengthen ties between Europe and Africa, stating, “We want to free up African energy to guarantee younger generations a right which to date has been denied.”

President Ruto echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the need for Africa to find its rightful place on the global stage. “The African Union is consolidating its position in pushing for more reforms in the multilateral development system to align with the current social and economic realities,” he stated.

President Ruto also met with Axel van Trotsenburg, Senior Managing Director of the World Bank, discussing the forthcoming IDA21 Replenishment Summit to be hosted by Kenya this year.

Ruto acknowledged the World Bank’s contribution to supporting Kenya’s development aspirations and expressed commitment to deepening the partnership for economic growth and expanded opportunities for the people