Ministry of Youth Affairs CS Hon. Ababu earlier today presided over the launch of the KCB Group Scholars Athlete Program in Eldoret.

“I’m delighted to launch this new program to support the next generation of Kenyan athletes. These scholarships are more than just financial aid. They represent a belief in the potential of these young people and a commitment to helping them achieve their dreams,” he remarked.

While lauding KCB Group for its relentless support of sports in the country over the past decades, the CS said, “The work that the bank has done across various sports disciplines is admirable. Indeed, you have led by example when it comes to enabling the youth to harness their talent at a professional level. By incorporating education scholarships, we are investing in the future of our youth. In the words of Isaac Newton, No one is self-made. Everyone is made by someone. You can only be so tall by standing on the shoulders of giants,” he said.

“We all know that Kenya is a force to be reckoned with in the world of athletics, specifically in this region, the Home of Champions. But we also know that there are so many talented young people out there who don’t have the resources or the support they need to succeed.”

He added that the scholarship program was in perfect sync with Talanta Hela initiative and the Government’s Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda, which has a deliberate focus on offering our sports and creatives a platform to contribute to the economic development of Kenya.

“The government is keen on empowering ordinary citizens to realize their full potential. As such, we’re happy that avenues such as these exist to give the youth a platform to maximize their talent while receiving guidance from the very best.”

“We believe that through partnerships and collaborations between the government and the private sector, we can unlock the sporting potential that this country holds at all levels. Thanks to you, these athletes today have a chance beyond the classroom,” he said.

CS Ababu rallied the beneficiaries to maximize the opportunity to fully realize their potential.

The partnership is between the KCB Foundation, the Ministry through Kenya Academy of Sports, KIPRUN and Transcend Talent Academy.