Cabinet Secretary Hon. Simon Chelugui for the Ministry of Co-Operatives has called upon Kenyans to borrow frequently from the affirmative funds to enhance their credit score in order to enable them access higher limits of loans from financial lending institutions.

While addressing locals in Dagoreti North in Nairobi during the Mama Dago Economic Empowerment program at Lavington Primary School, the Cabinet Secretary urged citizens to prioritize prompt loan repayment for the sustainability of affirmative funds.

Speaking to Kenyans, Hon. Chelugui affirmed the Government’s commitment towards accelerated development through the Bottom-up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA).

Affirmative funds are designed to promote empowerment of individuals and communities and it is therefore prudent for Kenyans to borrow consistently and repay promptly.

The CS also underscored the government’s role in empowering people at the bottom of the pyramid, supporting them towards the next level, including borrowing higher limits from banks by building their financial character and creditworthiness without the need for a collateral.

Echoing the words of H.E President Ruto, Hon. Chelugui also urged Kenyans to uptake Uwezo Fund and Hustler Fund, form SACCOS, and build their borrowing profile with the funds to enable them access higher limits from financial institutions.

During the event Uwezo Fund cheques amounting to 23,290,000 were issued to 248 beneficiary groups for Nairobi County.