Significant progress has been achieved with the Cooperatives Bill successfully clearing its final hurdle following constructive discussions between the office of the Cooperatives Ministry CS and the Council of Governors and now in Parliament.

Once enacted, this bill will establish a regulatory framework that not only conforms to constitutional principles but also incorporates the best business practices, propelling our cooperatives towards a new era of growth and sustainability.

This legislative development is a pivotal step towards elevating the cooperative sector to new heights of success.

The ministry envisions a future where cooperatives emerge as robust, inclusive, and well-governed entities, contributing significantly to our nation’s economic landscape.

Other ongoing initiatives include the ongoing development of the Kenya Cooperative Transformation Strategy (KCTS).

This Strategy aims to build upon the achievements of the sector by aligning with the interventions outlined in Sessional Paper No. 4 of 2020 on National Cooperative Policy.

Further, the Strategy is also expected to align the cooperative function efforts with the overarching objectives of the Bottom-up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA).

Through a coordinated approach to implementation, the government seeks to maximize the impact of cooperative initiatives, fostering sustainable development and prosperity for all.

“As the government embarks on this transformative journey, I call upon all stakeholders to actively participate in shaping the future of our cooperative sector.  Together, let us seize this opportunity to create an environment where cooperatives thrive, empower communities, and drive inclusive growth,” remarks issued by CS Chelugui.