With the planting season fast approaching, farmers nationwide have received a stern warning to remain vigilant against the proliferation of counterfeit seeds.

Purity Ngirici, Chair of the Kenya Seed Company Board, cautioned, “Unscrupulous traders exploit the high demand for planting seeds during this season to distribute substandard seeds, jeopardizing farmers’ yields.”

Speaking at the ASK Embu show, Ngirici emphasized the grave consequences of using fake seeds, highlighting the significant risk they pose to food security. She urged farmers to only purchase seeds from certified suppliers to safeguard their crops and livelihoods. The company has initiated a farmer sensitization campaign to educate them on detecting counterfeit seeds.

David Kiplagat, General Manager of Simlaw Seeds Company, a subsidiary of Kenya Seed Company, assured farmers of an ample supply of high-quality seeds across distribution centers nationwide. Kiplagat stressed the importance of selecting recommended seed varieties tailored to specific regions for optimal yields, underscoring the company’s dedication to research for quality assurance.

Farmers are urged to remain vigilant and make informed choices to safeguard their agricultural investments and ensure bountiful harvests.