Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua this week promised avocado farmers issues affecting the sector will be addressed so that they reap the best earnings from their farms.

Speaking on Tuesday when he hosted avocado industry stakeholders for a consultative meeting at his Karen residence.

The interventions will include the creation of a task force to contain the current implosion from new levies introduced in the sector.

The task force will provide a temporary solution exempting primary avocado farmers from the burdensome Electronic Tax Invoice Management System (e-TIMS) requirement, as outlined in Section 23 of the Finance Act 2023.

“The taskforce will work in earnest and come up with remedies in 30 days so that we agree on what needs to be done. As an Administration we are ready to engage with stakeholders and ensure farmers are happy,” assured the Deputy President.

It will address various issues plaguing the avocado value chain, including concerns raised during a consultative forum with over 100 stakeholders, ranging from farmers to exporters.

Despite MPs’ initial challenges comprehending the Finance Bill, farmers urged for more inclusive policy-making processes and additional time before passing laws.

They emphasized the critical intervention by the Deputy President to prevent detrimental impacts on the sector. Avocado farming in the country faces obstacles including inadequate research, costly air transport, and international market competition.

However, Kenya remains Africa’s top avocado exporter, underscoring the sector’s economic significance and the need for sustainable solutions to ensure growth and competitiveness.