Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has on Monday launched the Makutano Huduma Senter, in Laikipia County where he asked Kenyans to utilise Government services at Huduma Centres across the country, affirming the Ruto administration is determined to increase the facilities.

Speaking at Ngobit in Laikipia East, Gachagua said such facilities help the public access all government services under one roof.

“This Huduma Centre is very important. I have enjoyed their services. My National Identification Card will be ready in a few days. Birth certificates, National Health Insurance Fund, pension and other services are all available,” he said after a tour of the facility.

“Indeed, the Makutano Facility is strategic. It will serve over 500,000 residents of Laikipia and the bordering Counties, whose Huduma Centres are far away.  The fact that the facility has offered in-person assistance to over 1,100 customers since February 1, 2024, means there is dire need for service.”

Additionally, the second in command urged counties to move their services to Huduma centres for easy access alongside those of the National Government.  

More than 130 services are available in 53 Huduma Centres in 33 counties.

At least 60,000 people access services daily in the Huduma Centres.

The DP also asked Members of the National Government to ride on the co-funding model between the Constituency and the National Government in establishing Huduma Jitume Digital Centres across the country.

“I invite Members of the National Assembly to take advantage of the co-funding model to establish Huduma Jitume Digital Centres in their constituencies. We must create jobs for these young men and women,” he said.

Gachagua said the Government invests a lot of resources in education, hence, job creation is urgent.

“As we also work to set up 30 Huduma Jitume Digital Centres in the next 12 months, it is our determination that the same investment in Educating our youth is applied in creating employment opportunities for them,” he added.