Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has taken a soft stance on the report of the National Dialogue Committee (NADCO) alluding that his doubt on the bi-partisan talks are gone.

The Deputy President now stated he will support the report that precipitated from talks between Kenya Kwanza Alliance and Azimio La Umoja Coalition to end a political stalemate.

“It’s true, the NADCO report was brought and we looked through it, it’s good. Before, I was in doubt because there’s a Kikuyu saying that he who has ever been bit by a snake, runs away even when he sees a rope,” he said.

Speaking on Kameme TV, the Deputy President has urged Parliament to support the report which seeks to initiate amendments to nine bills.

MPs are facing a time crunch as they grapple with a 45-day deadline to deliberate on the  nine bills aimed at solidifying the recommendations of the National Dialogue Committee (NADCO) into law.

Gachagua expressed that the outcome of talks between President William Ruto and Opposition Leader Raila Odinga made him skeptical to support the talks.

Previously, the second in command has dismissed NADCO talks as a waste of time saying nothing will come out of the dialogue.
At the time, the Deputy President alluded that Odinga sought a share of government appointments, a request the ruling coalition declined.

“When President Ruto told me he will have a dialogue with Raila so that there can be calm in the country, I agreed but I still had concerns because we have seen many things before. I was nervous because I did not know where the story would end,” Gachagua said.

Gachagua who has fashioned himself to become the next Mount Kenya kingpin explained his confidence on the report based on the interests of Mt Kenya being prioritized in NADCO talks.