The Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Cooperatives and MSME Development, Simon Chelugui expressed his commitment to work with different stakeholders in the ecosystem to improve dairy farming production and the overall agricultural sector in the constituency.

Together with the Kenya Dairy Board, the ministry will work towards providing market linkages for their dairy produce. Further, he will work with the Micro and Small Enterprises Authority (MSEA) to support potato farming by providing a cooler for storage purposes.

The government, through the Ministry for Cooperatives and MSMEs Development, is dedicated to supporting the development of the dairy sector in Kenya.

This support includes financial assistance, market access, and training programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of dairy farmers.

On the same front, he implored the county government to promote extension programs for enhanced farm productivity and household income.

Finally, the Cabinet Secretary encouraged the farmers to form groups and reap the benefits of such groups, like bargaining for better prices and reducing the cost of farming. 

At the core of Kenya Kwanza’s administration is ensuring the total support of farmers for social-economic transformation.

Hon. Chelugui was speaking at the Molo MSMEs Open Day event in Molo, Nakuru County organized by Molo MP Hon. Kuria Kimani in partnership with Dairy Board Kenya.

 During the event, the dairy farmers showcased their achievements and innovations in dairy farming, such as improved cow breeds, modern feeding techniques, and advanced milking equipment. They also shared success stories and discussed the challenges they have faced in their journey towards better dairy farming methods. The training conducted by the Kenya Dairy Board aimed to equip the dairy farmers with the skills and knowledge needed for best practices in dairy farming. This included education on proper animal nutrition, disease prevention and control, as well as effective breeding and milking techniques