The government is looking to fast-track compensation for human-wildlife conflict victims. This comes after many victims have complained of the slowness in resolving the matter.

Ministry of Tourism has unveiled the National Human-Wildlife Coexistence Strategy and Action Plan, which also seeks to tolerate losses caused by wild animals in communities as well as cut retaliatory measures against them.

The State Department of Wildlife, in conjunction with the Kenya Wildlife Services, pledged to ensure victims do not wait for long to get their compensation from the government, which often increases animosity.

“We are going to leverage technology and global best practices to ensure that this process succeeds. What we are doing here is planning on the coexistence between wildlife and humans,” noted State Department for Wildlife Principal Secretary Silvia Museiya.

According to KWS, the national government is expected to compensate for permanent injuries leading to disability, deaths, or property damages arising from conflicts.

Such claims are launched with the County Wildlife Conservation and Compensation Committee.

Compensation for any citizen killed by wildlife is Sh5 million, while cases of injury resulting in permanent disability are compensated at Sh3 million.

However, there must be sufficient evidence showing that a person making such a claim has put in place adequate measures to protect them from a threat to the future and the long-term conservation of the predators involved.