The government has successfully trained 390,968 youths in digital skills through the Ajira Digital and Jitume programs, as announced by government spokesperson Isaac Mwaura. This marks a significant increase from the previous year, demonstrating the commitment to empowering the youth with essential skills for the digital age.

“The government has trained 390,968 youth on digital skills through the Jitume and Ajira programs in 2023/2024, which is an increase from 120,000 in 2022,” Mwaura revealed during a press briefing.

Furthermore, Mwaura highlighted that 119,462 youths have already secured online jobs through these programs, with plans to increase this number to 180,000 in the upcoming financial year.

The recently launched “Finya Computer Itoe Dollar” program, aimed at equipping youth aged 18-35 with digital skills for online job opportunities, has been a resounding success.

This initiative, part of the broader Ajira Digital framework, offers diverse modules such as Data Entry, Digital Marketing, Virtual Assistance, and an Advanced Module in Graphic Design.

As part of the government’s digital transformation agenda, Mwaura also shared that nationwide internet coverage has been expanded significantly, with the establishment of 1,222 public WiFi hotspots and the digitization of 1,2692 e-citizen services