President William Ruto has said the Government is committed to bolstering intergovernmental relations to deepen devolution.

The Government, he explained, had effectively supported county governments to enhance their capacity to deliver services to the people.

He noted that the successful collaboration between the national and county governments will foster socio-economic transformation at the grassroots, advancing the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda.

“I believe that our country’s fortunes, to a decisive extent, are dependent on how we manage the devolution and resources,” he said.

He made the remarks during the 10th National and County Governments Coordinating Summit at State House, Nairobi earlier today.

The President noted that the timely disbursement of funds by the national government to counties is crucial in ensuring that the devolved governments can meet their constitutional mandate.

The Summit resolved to engage stakeholders to expedite the transfer of devolved functions.

Counties also agreed to sign all the necessary Intergovernmental Agreements with the National Treasury within 14 days to activate the disbursement of funds for County Industrial and Aggregation Parks.

Additionally, the national government will extend the stipend for Community Health Promoters from the current three years to five years while the Ministry of Health will support county governments with an additional 7,809 CHP kits.

To enhance access to subsidized fertilizer, it was resolved counties will spearhead the distribution of the fertilizer to farmers under the last mile program.

Both levels of government resolved that an accountability system will be set up to ensure that the distribution of supplies to areas affected by El Niño is monitored and evaluated.