President William Ruto has announced that his government has decided to abolish visa requirements for all global visitors starting from January 2024. This announcement was made today Tuesday, December 12, 2023 during the 60th Jamhuri Day celebrations at Uhuru Gardens, Nairobi, where he noted that the abolishment lies on the backdrop of embracing globalization and opening the borders to spur the socio-economic development of the country.

“Kenya is a global player and we want to open up our country to the world. We want to embrace globalization and welcome all visitors to our beautiful country,” said President Ruto during his speech at the event.

The decision to abolish visa requirements for all global visitors is expected to have significant benefits for the country. It will boost tourism, attract foreign investment, and promote international trade. Kenya is a popular tourist destination, known for its wildlife, beaches, and natural beauty. The visa-free policy will make it easier for tourists to visit the country and contribute to its economy.

Furthermore, the policy will also make it easier for foreign investors to do business in Kenya. The country has been making significant strides in recent years to improve its business environment and attract foreign investment. The visa-free policy will further enhance the country’s attractiveness to investors.

To manage this new policy, President Ruto emphasized the implementation of a digital platform that will require all travelers to Kenya to identify themselves in advance for authorization. This is aimed at making the processing of visitors more efficient. The President also revealed the creation of a digital platform to facilitate the identification process, making it easier for visitors to comply with the new policy.

The decision by Kenya to abolish visa requirements for all global visitors follows similar moves by neighboring Rwanda, which also announced the removal of visa restrictions for all African countries. This demonstrates a broader trend in the region towards facilitating international travel.