Residents in Nyamira and Kisii are set to benefit from treated mosquito nets as part of the malaria elimination campaign, according to the Ministry of Health. These two counties, along with twenty other identified high-risk areas for malaria, will receive the nets in line with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) malaria elimination drive.

The ministry stated, “The government, in line with the World Health Organization’s malaria elimination strategies, is expanding the Mass Insecticide Treated Nets Campaign to Kisii and Nyamira Counties, identified as high-risk areas for malaria. These counties are among the 22 targeted for the campaign’s distribution efforts.”

The government has announced that the distribution process of the nets will be digitalized through a system called ‘dig-mal’ to ensure efficiency and transparency. “To ensure efficiency and transparency, the government is implementing digitization, from registration to the issuance of nets to beneficiaries, through a system called ‘dig-mal’,” the ministry said.

The campaign emphasizes the importance of ensuring that all individuals at risk of malaria have access to and regularly use insecticide-treated mosquito nets, promoting the habit of sleeping under these nets every night. This initiative showcases the government’s commitment to combating malaria by implementing targeted strategies in high-risk areas, leveraging digital tools for an organized and transparent distribution process.