The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has successfully translocated black rhinos from Nairobi National Park to the Loisaba Conservancy in Laikipia. This move, led by CS Mutua, aims to safeguard the survival of the endangered species and correct past mistakes in their management.

CS Mutua emphasized the significance of this translocation, stating, “We are not going to kill the animals. We are going to make sure that we conserve the animals and we have to continue growing their numbers.” He also addressed the government’s commitment to addressing human-wildlife conflict and the success in reducing rhino poaching.

The translocation operation, guided by strict protocols, involved careful sedation and preparation of the rhinos for transportation to ensure their safety during the move. KWS director general Dr. Erustus Kanga highlighted the incorporation of International Union for Conservation of Nature protocols into the process and emphasized the need for intense security in rhino sanctuaries to prevent poaching.

The translocation comes at a critical time as the black rhino population faces challenges such as overcrowding and territorial fights. Dr. Kanga stressed the importance of maintaining genetically diverse breeding and natural behaviors within their habitats.