The Ministry of Health has announced plans to introduce psychosocial rehabilitation centers for individuals struggling with mental illnesses in Bungoma County. This initiative comes as a response to the growing mental health concerns in the region and aims to provide much-needed support and care for those affected.

Susan Nakhumicha, Health Cabinet Secretary, stated, “We are committed to addressing the mental health challenges in Bungoma County and Western Kenya. Our goal is to introduce psychosocial rehabilitation for individuals with mental illnesses, providing them with the necessary care and support they need.”

This decision follows a consultative meeting with health professionals and mental health specialists, where the need for such rehabilitation centers was highlighted. Dr. Anthony Akoto, the technical advisor to the Health Cabinet Secretary, emphasized the importance of this initiative, saying, “The introduction of psychosocial rehabilitation centers is a crucial step in addressing the mental health needs of the community. We are dedicated to securing the necessary funding and resources to make this project a reality.”

The Ministry of Health also revealed plans to engage stakeholders and international partners to secure funding for a two-year demonstration project. Dr. Simon Njuguna, the Director of Mental Health, reiterated the government’s commitment to tackling mental health challenges, stating, “We are working tirelessly to ensure that mental health is prioritized and that individuals in need receive the support and care they deserve.”

This initiative is set to make a significant impact on the mental health landscape in Bungoma County, providing hope and support for individuals battling mental illnesses.