President William Ruto hosted Prime Minister Hon. Sam Matekane of Lesotho at State House in Nairobi today, Sunday, December 10, 2023. The meeting’s primary focus was to strengthen bilateral relations between Kenya and Lesotho, with a specific emphasis on youth empowerment.

President Ruto emphasized the shared vision of both countries in investing profoundly in the youth for the future of Africa. “Kenya and Lesotho share a profound understanding that Africa’s future must be anchored in its youth,” he declared, highlighting the pivotal role of young people as agents of rapid socioeconomic transformation on the continent.

Prime Minister Matekane’s yesterday’s active participation in the Africa Youth Connekt Summit in Nairobi further solidified the commitment of both nations to youth-centric initiatives, signifying a shared dedication to empowering the continent’s youth and advancing their objectives.

This significant meeting sets the stage for deeper cooperation and collaboration, holding immense significance for both Kenya and Lesotho. By concentrating on youth empowerment and strengthening bilateral ties, the two nations are poised to establish a robust partnership driving progress and development across Africa.

PM Matekane echoed the sentiments, expressing optimism about the potential for collaboration, stating, “Our meeting today reaffirms our commitment to investing in the youth and working together for the betterment of our nations and the African continent.”