Eldas Member of Parliament Adan Keynan has termed President William Ruto an international star due to his outstanding performance.

During an appearance on Citizen TV’s Daybreak Show early Monday, Keynan highlighted President Ruto’s address to the European Parliament as one major milestone, that earned him a global standing ovation. 

“Our President is an International star because of performance; recently we hosted the African Climate Summit,” said Keynan.

While praising President Ruto for receiving the standing ovation, the MP gave misleading information that he (Ruto) “is the first president in the last three decades after Mandela to address the European Parliament,” an untrue statement. 

“They are not fools, they are looking at what is happening in the country and therefore, for you who are blinded by your history and political misconceptions, you will not see the many positive things happening,” Keynan said on President Ruto’s acclamation at the European Parliament. 

The Eldas MP also urged critics to recognize the positive strides made under the Kenya Kwanza government, asserting that it deserves time to implement its progressive agenda. 

“We have a very progressive government. This government has been elected by the people of Kenya. Give the President and the government an opportunity to implement their manifesto. If they fail, use the power of the ballot in 2027,” he asserted.