President William Ruto has staunchly defended the recent imposition of additional taxes, asserting that it is a crucial measure to prevent the country from plunging further into debt.

Addressing the public today January 14, 2024 in Elgeyo Marakwet, Ruto emphasized the necessity for citizens to fulfill their tax obligations in order to steer Kenya back to the economic prosperity experienced during President Mwai Kibaki’s administration.

“We are going to make the necessary decisions to provide the necessary leadership for Kenya to move forward… when Kibaki left office, tax as a percentage of GDP was 23 per cent. By 2022, tax as a percentage of GDP was 14 per cent. That is why we sank into debt because we did not want to do what other countries did,” Ruto emphasized.

Furthermore, Ruto echoed the late former president’s call for diligent tax payment and cautioned against the detrimental effects of continued borrowing, likening it to a form of enslavement. “We are not going to be slaves. We will have to pay our taxes to be independent as a country,” he added.