President William Ruto officially inaugurated the Central Security Depository’s (CSD) digital platform at the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) today. This historic launch marks a significant milestone in Kenya’s financial landscape, with the introduction of an accessible, efficient, and inclusive system that promises to democratize investments in Treasury bonds and bills.

Empowering Every Kenyan Investor

The CBK Dhow CSD Portal and mobile app are poised to revolutionize the way Kenyan citizens participate in government securities. Traditionally seen as the realm of the wealthy and well-connected, investing in Treasury bills and bonds will no longer be a privilege limited to a select few. With this new platform, the doors to financial growth and security have been swung wide open, offering hustlers and everyday citizens the opportunity to take control of their financial futures.

From Complexity to Accessibility

The transformation is remarkable. What was once an intricate web of paperwork and bureaucracy has been transformed into an accessible digital avenue. The CBK’s shift from manual registration and application to a sophisticated online platform underscores its commitment to empowering every citizen to participate in the realm of government securities. This monumental development aligns seamlessly with President Ruto’s digitization agenda and his dedication to making government services effortlessly accessible to hustlers across the nation.

A Vision of Financial Inclusivity and Prosperity

The CBK Dhow CSD Portal and mobile app are not merely technological innovations; they embody a larger vision of financial inclusivity and prosperity. As Kenya embraces the digital era of finance, hustlers can now embrace the power of investment, enrich their financial portfolios, and pave the way for a brighter future. President William Ruto’s commitment to unity and progress is now exemplified in this technological leap, ensuring that every Kenyan, regardless of their background, can march forward towards economic empowerment.

Expanding Access to Domestic Capital Markets

President William Ruto emphasized that the deliberate access to opportunities will create wealth and improve people’s lives. He noted that the new system will deliver convenience, efficiency, speed without compromising security. Investors will no longer have to physically present themselves at CBK to undergo the manual process of opening a CDS account.

The CSD investor portal and mobile app have opened up access to the securities market to everyone, regardless of status. This move aligns with the Government’s commitment to expanding opportunities for Kenyans, similar to the Hustler Fund, driving the economy from the bottom-up.

A Diversity Milestone for Enriching the Market

Professor Ndung’u, in his remarks, described the launch of DhowCSD as a diversity milestone that will enrich the market. CBK Governor highlighted that the system will boost operational efficiency in the domestic market and enhance liquidity distribution.

Central Bank of Kenya’s launch of the CBK Dhow CSD Portal and mobile app is not just a technological upgrade; it’s a significant step towards financial inclusivity, empowerment, and progress for all Kenyan citizens, aligning with President Ruto’s vision of bottom-up economic growth.