In a gathering at the sixth session of the UN Assembly in Gigiri, five heads of state, including President William Ruto, have issued a clarion call for transformative global cooperation to address the triple planetary crises of climate change, air pollution, and biodiversity loss. President Ruto emphasized the urgent need for collaborative action, stating, “Our present highly challenging circumstances demand transformative global cooperation as a matter of great urgency.”

Joined by leaders from Botswana, Djibouti, Gabon, and Somalia, the call for unity stressed the inadequacy of existing multilateral systems in tackling these pressing issues. President Ruto highlighted the imperative of reforming the global financial architecture to meet the development needs of the 21st century and rectify inequalities in resource allocation.

Botswana President Masisi urged developed nations to fulfill their commitments in providing resources to mitigate climate change impacts, while Somalia President Mohamud declared a state of emergency due to a severe drought. The World Health Organization Director General and UNEP Executive Director echoed the urgent need for collective action to address the interconnected health and environmental challenges facing the planet. As the world faces a critical juncture in combating climate change and preserving biodiversity, global leaders have emphasized the necessity of unified, decisive action to avert a planetary crisis. Stay tuned for further updates on this crucial development