President William Ruto’s government has shut down approximately 9,500 unlicensed bars nationwide as part of its crackdown on illicit liquor and drugs, aimed at ensuring public safety and combating substance abuse.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Prof. Kithure Kindiki this month announced the closure of 4,800 alcohol-selling establishments located near basic education institutions, with their licenses revoked to prevent underage exposure to alcohol and related substances.

Additionally, 12 distilleries operating outside the law and producing dangerous alcoholic beverages have been shut down across the country, demonstrating the government’s commitment to eradicating the production and distribution of illicit brews.

All licenses for manufacturers of second-generation alcoholic beverages have been suspended, with production banned until security and compliance checks are completed by the end of the month, highlighting stringent measures to ensure compliance with regulations.

Over 300 illegally operated chemists found dispensing drug prescriptions unlawfully have been shut down, along with the closure of 290 agrovets involved in the illicit production of narcotics using animal feeds, highlighting the comprehensive nature of the government’s enforcement efforts to address illicit activities across various sectors.