Kenya and Tanzania have reached an agreement to resume tea exports from Kenya to Tanzania. This decision is expected to boost revenue for both countries and benefit tea farmers in Kenya.

Kenya has agreed to facilitate the clearance of timber imports from Tanzania. This addresses concerns previously raised by Tanzania regarding the detention of these goods by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).

Out of 68 issues initially identified, 56 have been successfully resolved, demonstrating progress in addressing trade barriers between Kenya and Tanzania. The agreement also provides clear direction on the resolution of 14 key issues and aims for comprehensive harmonization of levies, fees, charges, and other trade-related conditions.

Both countries will establish a monitoring team to ensure the implementation of the agreements reached during the negotiations in Kisumu. This team will oversee the achievement of the deals and promote compliance.

The trade agreement is expected to be beneficial for both countries, promoting economic growth and regional stability. Kenya, being a major tea exporter, stands to gain significantly from the resumption of tea exports to Tanzania, potentially surpassing its 2023 exports to the nation, valued at Ksh70 billion (USD488 million)