The National Assembly Majority Leader and Kikuyu MP Hon Kimani Ichung’wa has disclosed the government’s measures to eradicate corruption within the Judiciary. Addressing the issue, Ichung’wa emphasized the need to root out corrupt elements within the institution to uphold its integrity.

“The performance of the judiciary in its entirety is okay but there are challenges. It is not a blanket condemnation of the Judiciary because there are many good judicial officers and the President and I spoke about judiciary officers, not the entire judiciary,” Ichung’wa stated.

In a candid assessment, Ichung’wa condemned the alleged involvement of corrupt judiciary officials in overstepping their authority and obstructing government-led development initiatives. He raised concerns about instances of what he termed “judicial overreach,” citing specific cases such as the Housing Levy and Universal Health Care, where he accused judges of impeding established legal frameworks.

“It is not just those two cases of Housing Levy and Universal Health Care. Remember the housing one is the matter that is carried in the Finance Act case that is already in court. The court found that there are certain issues that the government or Parliament needed to create better legal anchorage on, especially around the operationalization of the Act,” he explained.

Despite declining to name specific individuals, Ichung’wa issued a stern warning to those engaging in corrupt activities within the government, stating, “Anybody within the three arms of government who is engaging in corrupt activities has everything to be afraid of because it will catch up with you, because it will not just be a talk about the fight against corruption.”