President William Ruto has reaffirmed his commitment to fulfilling his promises to the people of Kenya, particularly in creating job opportunities and improving the lives of the youth.

Speaking in Bungoma County today, February 1, 2024, Ruto emphasized the numerous programs launched by his administration to uplift the fortunes of all citizens, especially through investments in the Digital Economy.

He declared, “Mimi nitajaza kompyuta ndani (ya ICT Hubs). Nitwaweka mtandao wa internet ndani, na hawa vijana waje wajipange, wajifunze, mwezi moja waanze kufanya kazi Marekani, Ujerumani waweke dola kwa mfuko ndio tuweze kumalize mambo ya kukosekana kwa kazi Kenya hii” (I will fill computers inside ICT Hubs. I will set up an internet network inside, and these young people will come, organize themselves, learn, within a month they will start working in America, Germany, and put dollars in their pockets so we can end the issue of unemployment in Kenya).

Ruto also addressed the ongoing legal disputes, particularly regarding the Affordable Housing Programme, stating, “Those in the Judiciary ought to know the position of the people of Kenya. The Constitution of Kenya Section 43 protects the rights of housing amongst other economic and social rights of the people of Kenya.”

He emphasized the need to allow the government to execute its plans for the country, citing overwhelming support from the people and the parliament.

Ruto maintained, “We have discharged our responsibility to the people of Kenya, and we want to give an opportunity to millions of Kenyans through this programme.”