Ministry of Youth Affairs CS, Hon. Namwamba earlier yesterday held talks with the Minister for National Education, Pre-School and Sports of the Kingdom of Morocco Mr. Chakib Ben Moussa.

Their talks centered on sports and the creative arts.

The two agreed on the establishment of a MoU between Kenya and Morocco to provide a formal arrangement for cooperation.

CS Ababu underscored the need for the two nations to collaborate, noting that Kenya stood to gain from Morocco’s advancement in football talent development structure, infrastructure development, and management, while also offering Morocco an opportunity to exploit Kenya’s prowess in athletics and rugby.

“As we look ahead to 2027 AFCON, which we are hosting, we want to take key lessons from you on how to build a formidable team to compete with the rest of Africa,” said the CS

The CS expressed the interest in an exchange program between Kenya Academy of Sports and Moroccan’s talent development agency as well as establishing a linkage between schools in Kenya and those in Morocco to nurture, and monetize talents right from school.

This would be vital in actualizing the government’s Talanta Hela initiative, which seeks to identify, nurture, and monetize talents by targeting the base where talents domiciled- the schools ecosystem.

Mr. BenMoussa stated that Morocco was ready to partner with Kenya, noting the various benefits that Rabat would draw from the agreement, especially in the area of athletics.

Morocco has won the bid to host the 2025 AFCON as well as the co-hosting rights for the 2030 world cup, and Nairobi is keen to take lessons from Rabat, as it gears up for the Pamoja AFCON’27.