The PS State Department of Cooperatives Patrick Kilemi, earlier today met with Eliud Korir, the Business Re-engineering Advisor, PAVI Farmers’ Cooperative Society in Kinondo, Msabweni Sub- County, Kwale County.

The State Department for Cooperatives is financing the construction of a Cotton Ginnery at PAVI F. C.S as part of its efforts to enhance value addition for Cotton farmers, thereby improving the livelihoods of the Members.

The PS was impressed by the packaging materials for PAVI F.C.S Maize Meal from maize and cassava.

Members of the cooperative deliver both maize and cassava which is milled and packaged by the Cooperative Society.

The Society has a Membership 6000.

The members also grow cotton and are expected to greatly benefit from the construction of the Cotton Ginnery, whose foundation stone will be laid at the beginning of next month.

The PS also inspected the digging of trenches in preparation for the foundation, with the Deputy Chief Architect, James Murigu, of the State Department for Public Works, assuring the PS of the team’s preparedness for the Saturday occasion.

The PS emphasized the Kenya Kwanza Government commitment to put money in the pockets of the people through value addition of their cash crops.

He noted that Kwale with its vast and fertile lands, has a greater chance of improving its local economy through value addition of the cotton value chain noting that the country is spending a lot of money to import cotton oil.

PS Kilemi added that the Cotton Ginnery, which will be constructed at a cost of 320 million shillings will not only create a market for the farmers’ produce but will also create employment for the locals.

Base Titanium Limited is researching on the best crops that can be grown on the land after mining the titanium. Some of the crops that they are researching on include: cotton, mangoes, bamboos, cashewnut, oranges, lemon, ginger and bananas.