Through prudent fiscal and monetary measures, President Ruto’s administration has stabilized the economy, leading to a drop in the cost of living and a stabilizing shilling.

The Central Bank, under President Ruto’s guidance, is implementing effective monetary policy measures, including raising the benchmark rate, which is helping lower inflation and address exchange rate pressures.

The Ruto administration has introduced fiscal measures such as zero-rating key food imports and subsidizing fertilizer prices, contributing to lower inflation and easing the burden on consumers.

Kenya Kwanza is actively monitoring and responding to global risks, such as geopolitical conflicts and fluctuations in oil prices, to mitigate their impact on Kenya’s economy.

Reforms in the foreign exchange market, including the introduction of an Electronic Matching System and issuance of the Kenya Foreign Exchange Code, have enhanced transparency and stability, attracting offshore investments and sustaining the bullish trend of the shilling.